Hunter Quietflo HEPA Air purifier 245

by Barb

I have a great Hunter quietflo air purifier for my kid's room and I am now looking for another one for my house, a larger size, so I landed on this site while shopping. I have been very happy with the Hunter quietflo air purifier.

I do vacuum the HEPA filter every 4-6 weeks, to extend the life, and run it 10-18 hours a day, but the filter has worked well for over 8 months.

I got it because my son has a pet gerbil and I didn't want the smell in the upstairs area- and wanted to reduce any possible allergies. This Hunter air purifier has a claim of 30% better odor reduction and it works well.

The fan is a bit noisy, very noisy on high. He can't sleep with it on high, but otherwise it is great. For the money I think it does a great job. I had a bionaire before and that didn't seem to help, but this Hunter purifier does. I recommend it.

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