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Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifiers 

The line HEPA Hunter QuietFlo air purifiers get overall good consumer reviews. Read full details, with review information, on these Hunter air cleaners.

Hunter discontinued all other air purifier product lines and now only sells QuietFlo Air Purifiers. They do have a very helpful website that lists the old models and all the replacement filters.

No need to worry about filters if you already bought one of the discontinued models.

The Hunter Air Purifiers initially look like a great value. They are highly rated by consumers, generally receiving four stars on the QuietFlo product line. Even their high end model sells for less than $270 on their website.

The filter replacements are $80 for both the pre-filter and HEPA filter. With average use, they will need to be replaced every six months. This means up to $180 extra operating costs each year. Do look for sales on the replacement filters, as this will reduce the costs.
If initial cost is a big concern, these are a good value since you can buy one at a good price. Maintanence costs are way more expensive than air purifiers with cleanable filters.

The Austin Air HealthPro purifier cleans up to 1500 sq. ft. and only needs filter replacements every 5 years, because the filters can be cleaned. So, over the life of the purifier, this is a better value, but more expensive to buy initially.

All the Quietflo models are very similar. The main variation in the Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifiers are the features and sq. ft. of air cleaned on each model.

The features range from manual controls to Digital LCD controls. As the sq. ft. of air cleaned goes up in size, so does the technology of the controls.

The QuiteFlo 30090 is their low end model purifier and only cleans up to 155 sq. ft. and has manual controls. Good basic purifier for a bedroom or other average sized room.

The QuietFlo 30401 is the high end purifier, cleaning up to 403 sq. ft. It has programmable digital LCD controls. This is great if you want to be able to program the purifier. Check out the Hunter website for the full product line at http://www.hunterair.com/hunter-quietflo-air-purifiers.php

What do consumer reviews have to say about the Hunter QuietFlo purifier line?  On the negative side, a few users have stated it shorted out or stopped working soon after buying this product. A few complained of a plastic odor as well. The vast majority said their Hunter air cleaner worked great. It helped their allergies and they noticed less dust in the room from using it.