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Hunter is a brand that prides itself on making humidifiers which are easy to use.

While consumer reviewers agreed that this brand provided ease of use and put out adequate moisture, there were a lot of complaints about the noise level of Hunter humidifiers (with the exception of ultrasonic models). The noise problem was especially pronounced when the humidifier was turned to the high setting.

Hunter manufactures a wide range of humidifier models, costing anywhere from $35 dollars to $300. While conventional wisdom suggests that consumers will get a more effective and durable humidifier if they select from the higher end of the price range, this does not hold true with Hunter humidifiers. Generally, consumer reviewers gave the brand mixed reviews, especially in terms of durability and quality of manufacture.

Hunter humidifiers were cited by a number of reviewers as “disposable” -- perhaps because the lifespan of the humidifier ranged from only about one year to up to 4 years. That life-span might seem reasonable at the low end of the brand’s price range, but the reviews of the high end Hunter humidifier were actually the worst for the brand.

Hunter’s $300 humidifier – the Two Gallon Care Free Humidifier Plus With Perma Wick only received an average of 2.5 stars out of 5. Mostly, consumer reviewers cited disappointment with the brand’s claim that the 33201 was “care free”.

Several reviewers noted the short life of the humidifier relative to the cost, and one reviewer told a harrowing tale of a Hunter ultrasonic catching fire!

Reviews were far better for Hunter’s mid-range Ultrasonic UV Medium/Large Room Humidifier. This model sells for about $70, is quiet for a Hunter humidifier, and comes equipped with an LED nightlight.

There is no wick to change, an included demineralization cartridge for the prevention of white mineral dust, and the tank has Microban anti-microbial protection. Reviewers gave this model 3.25 stars out of 5.

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