Hunter Humidifier Carefree Reviews

The Hunter Humidifier Carefree Reviews on unit 33202 from consumers are bad, well below average. Read what does not work about this product from an unbiased source.

There are always some problems with electrical products. Few manufacturers have managed to make a flawless electronic, but this Hunter humidifier gets really bad reviews from many consumers.

It sounds like a great product, with the carefree wick which doesn’t need replaced. I got excited when I saw that, and thought how bad could it be with such a great feature. Well, after researching, it seems the carefree part causes a lot of problems.

The wick doesn’t seem to help add much humidity to a room, which I am guessing is the number one reason you’d be buying a humidifier, so that’s not good.

A lot of users said the water turned yellow and looked bad after only a few days. Also, it is hard to clean, many reported. This is an issue if it gets gunky soon, as you will need to clean it often.

One reviewer stated it worked well, but she used quite a bit of vinegar to keep the wick mold free. She really liked not having to replace the wick and thought the extra work was worth it.

It is a fairly unique feature to have the wick which does not need replacing, but other Hunter humidifiers with this feature get better reviews

From the data I have seen, this one doesn’t appear to be worth the trouble. Check out other Hunter humidifiers, if you want that brand, for a better unit. Overall I like Air O Swiss and Vornado humidifiers. They are quality products which generally get good reviews from consumers.

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