Humidity problem in basement apartment

by Charmain
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I own a very small one bedroom apartment in a semi basement. My new tenants complain about the humidity even though a dehumidify comes with the apartment (they say it is too loud). They apartment is a bit humid during the summer months since there is a lot of rain in the region (Montreal, Canada).

Should I buy another quieter dehumidifier or should I install an air changer system?

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Jun 29, 2011
Dehumidifier for apartment
by: Lisa- site expert

That is great you provided a dehumidifier for your tenants in your basement apartment. Too bad that one is too loud for them, though they can be loud. I'd recommend a Danby dehumidifier- a good quiet one is Danby Premiere 50 Pint Dehumidifiers. Frigidaire also has quiet dehumidifiers, so you could check those out too.
Since the basement apartment is small, I think one of these portable dehumidifiers is your best option. Make sure it has an auto-shut off so it doesn't overflow. It'll be worth keeping the apartment mold free and less humid!


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