Humidifier/Purifier Combo for studio apartment

by RL
(Fullerton, CA)

I am looking for a humidifier/purifier, and if I am not asking for too much, santizer combo for my studio apartment. I am having allergies/dryness and the Santa Ana winds in Southern CA are bringing in lots of dust, allergens and dry-dry wind. Hoping for something affordable, easy to clean and does not require expensive filters. Thank you.

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Nov 07, 2010
Humidifier and Air Purifier for studio apartment
by: Lisa- site expert

You are in luck, since you live in a small space there is a really good humidifier and air purifier combo unit, it's the Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier with Humidifying action. Normally, most homes are too large to have this purifier/humidifier be very helpful, but it's rated for around 400 sq ft, but users report it helps in a larger area too. This is really the only air purifier I have found that has top quality HEPA filters, top notch air purifying and a good humidifier all with good reviews by consumers. If I needed this kind of unit for a small space, I'd get this one. It's the humidifier and air purifier I recommend to friends who live in condos or apartments.
As far as a sanitizer, you could try the germ guardian room sanitizer, that would be my best idea for that feature since the Sharp plasmacluster with humidifying function doesn't have the UV sanitizer.
Hope that helps and you are able to breathe better!

To your health,

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