humidifier or air purifier

by marle
(south africa)

How do i know which to buy, an air purifier or humidifier? my youngest baby is struggling with sinusitis and i do not know which product to buy.

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Jul 04, 2010
air purifier or humidifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Glad you found the site all the way down there in South Africa. We've been loving getting to know more about it through the world cup. As far as an air purifier or humidifier, either would be very helpful for sinus problems.
One thing to check is the current humidity of your home. If you live in a humid area, where your home is generally greater than 50% humidity, you would not want to add more humidity to the air. If it's dry, less than 40% humidity, then a humidifier could be helpful to help your child open his/her sinuses and breathe better. Even better would be to add Vicks to your child's chest, so the vapors go up to the sinuses and help open them. This would be a good temporary help.
A great long term solution would be an air purifier, as this would help clean the air of viruses and bacteria that might contribute to any sinus infection in the future. An air purifier will help the air be cleaner for a long time and your whole family will be healthier. Do make sure it has a HEPA filter so it does a good job cleaning the air.
The choice is up to you, which you think would be better based on your situation and budget (humidifiers are cheaper).

To healthy air and healthy families,

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