Best Humidifier and Dehumidifier Expert Information

There is a lot to know about the best humidifiers and dehumidifiers on the market today! So many to choose from and so little time to decide on the best for you and your home.

You know that humidifiers are helpful for maintaining proper humidity in the winter and therefore help you stay healthy in the cold and flu season.

Too much dampness will cause mold and bacteria to grow. Dehumidifiers are so important for keeping the humidity just right in summer and all year long.

I've created this page to give you a list of my most current pages, so you can find all the best info in one place. There are hundreds of pages on this website and it can be confusing to find the info you are looking for, though I do hope I've organized it well and you find what you need easily.

Please check out this page often for all the newest pages in a coherent and well laid out manner. Just scroll through the topic you are looking for on either humidifiers or dehumidifiers and you'll get a quick "at a glance" look at the various topics that are not found on the front/home page of this site. Enjoy! If you have questions, please send them along!

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Energy Star Humidifiers Energy Efficient for use when running one 24/7 during the dry season.

Filter Free Humidifiers No filters to change, but these do have drawbacks.

Germ Guardian Humidifiers Cute little ultrasonic humidifiers with a retro look.

Humidifier Ratings

How Does a Humidifier Work?

Homles Room Humidifier Read about the Holmes line of affordable humidifiers

Quiet Humidifiers Great for bedrooms and living areas

Nortec Used for industrial buildings

Hunter Humidifiers Mid-Quality and Low Cost

Personal Sized Mini and Small, great for travel

Armstrong Humidifiers Used for large buildings and businesses

Kaz Humidifiers Makers of Vicks, Honeywell and other top brands.

Steam Humidifiers Otherwise known as warm mist humidifiers, great for winter use to warm the air.

How Humidifiers Work Important info on the various types and how they work.

Home Humidifiers Best units for use in residential homes and bedrooms.

General Aire Used for large buildings and their humidification needs.

Top Rated Humidifiers Read about highly rated units.

Cleaning a Humidifier How to keep your humidifier germ free and healthy.

Vaporizor humidifiers Pros and cons of these cheap units.

Ultraviolet humidifiers A few great germ free humidifiers.

Home Furnace units For info on those that attach to your home HVAC system.

Silent humidifiers Great for bedrooms.


Soleus DehumidifiersTop rated with great reviews

Portable Air Conditioner & Humidifier Recommended Units These are a few we've found to be great and recommend.

LG Dehumidifiers Wide variety of sizes

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Best for cold and damp spaces in the basement

Portable Sized Great for on the go!

Energy Star Rated Find out more about energy efficient options.

Garage Dehumidifiers These are great for use when the temp drops at night.

Top Rated Dehumidifiers A list of the best!

Whole House Dehumidifiers For dehumidifying the whole house.

Bathroom Dehumidifiers The best for small spaces.

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