Humidifier and a 2 story condo

by Brenda
(Lakewood CO)

Hi I have a 2 story condo that the lower floor is some what open to the 2nd floor. The condo is a total of 840 sq ft. My question is if I get an Air-O-Swiss 7135 humidifier will it humidify the whole house or not at all because of the openness of the condo. I have had 2 humidifiers and there doesn't seem to be a change in the room humidity.


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Dec 21, 2014
humidifier for 2 story condo
by: Lisa

Hi Brenda,
The Air O Swiss is not your best humidifier bet to humidify the whole condo. This is because there is no fan to propel the humidity. For my 2 story house, I use the Vornado humidifier with a fan. There are two types and each do well. There is a Vornado without a fan, but again, it won't work as well for you.

Set the Vornado to the highest humidity setting and highest fan setting and you should notice a difference in the humidity if the second story is fairly open to the main lower level.

To your health,

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