how to reduce room moisture from air-conditioners

by Cheryl Ong


Our hotel room are just average sized so when the air-conditoning unit (split type) is turned on overnight, what usually happens is the entire wall is wet and there is a very foul odor like a wood that has long been wet. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? to control the moisture...

Would appreciate your reply.

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Jun 09, 2010
air conditioning moisture problems
by: Lisa- site expert

That sounds pretty awful, the wet wall and stink from the air conditioner. Well, the air conditioner will produce moisture as a by-product of cooling the air and this moisture has to go somewhere. The moisture will leak out the back bottom of the unit, so make sure it's draining properly.

My best guess is that the moisture is running back into the room, or down the wall instead of dripping off the outside of the unit. I am not sure if your split type is a window unit or one of those that sit near the floor with access to outside. Either way the water created by running the air conditioner has to drain out. If it's a window unit, make sure it is level and not tilting to the inside. If it's level, or even tilting down on the outside part, this will allow the water to drain down and out.
If it is a wall unit, have a repair person take it off the wall and check to make sure it has a reservoir to drain to the outside.

Good think you are checking this out because the extra moisture created by this problem will lead to mold (that is likely the smell from the wall) and that is very bad for your health. Used properly, air conditioners will reduce moisture and be healthy and comfortable. Good luck solving this problem.

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