Honeywell QuickSteam Warm Moisture HWM500

Honeywell QuickSteam warm moisture HWM500 UVList price $49.99. Dual germ eliminating technology of UV light and water boiling. Stated 99.999% clean moisture. Adjustable humidity control. Runs up to 24 hours per filling. For rooms up to 700 sq ft. Medicine cup for vapors. Reported 2 gallon tank. No auto shut off when empty.

Consumer Review. Users give this unit 3 ½ stars out of 5. Some say the operation is a bit noisy, but others say it is fine. The tank opening is on the bottom, so it can be difficult to fill and replace. The UV bulb allows for less frequent cleanings, as it kills germs. The boiling of the water also kills germs, so the UV bulb is not entirely necessary. Also, the bulb is expensive to replace.

Expert Review. This unit has some good features, but it doesn't have an auto shut-off when empty, which I think is an important safety feature. Overall, I recommend the HWM450 Humidifier more than this unit, unless you really want the UV bulb for additional germ elimination.

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