Honeywell Humidifier HWM450 Warm Mist

Honeywell Humidifier HWM450 Quick Steam Warm Moisture List price$69.99. This is one of the most popular Honeywell warm mist units. It is stated to produce moisture up to 3 times faster than other units.

Automatic shut-off when empty. 3 output settings. Medicine cup for optional medicinal vapors. Operates up to 24 hours per filling. For rooms up to 1,400 sq ft. Digital timer for 1-18 hour settings. Humidistat for room humidity control, shuts off when at desired humidity level. Stainless steel heating plate for easy cleaning.

Consumer Review. Users give this an average of 3 stars out of five, with well over 300 reviews on Amazon. Many love the quiet operation and well built, solid design. They appreciate the built in humidistat to maintain proper humidity levels and the digital timer controls. While many say it has worked great for months, all the users giving 1 star say it broke quickly, within a few days or a month. Keep the receipt in case it breaks. Other than it breaking quickly, users had little else negative to say.

Expert Review. Overall, it has most of the features I look for in a warm mist unit and I recommend it. It is a step up from the basic units and has some nice extra features. It humidifies a very large space, larger than most other warm mist units. The built in humidistat and auto-shut off are really helpful features for optimal humidity and safety. A good buy!

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