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Honeywell HEPAClean Compact Air Purifier

The Honeywell HEPAClean compact air purifier gets great customer reviews, but the HEPA-type filter is not the best.

Benefits, drawbacks of the Honeywell HEPAClean Tabletop Purifier:
This tabletop air purifier is good for when you need clean air and don't have much room. It can be used in the office, art studios, near the bed on a nightstand, for travel and anywhere you want fresher, cleaner air.

I give this compact air purifier good remarks because so many people give it great reviews. Generally, I don't like to recommend anything that doesn't have a true HEPA filter. But, I believe people who say it works great.

The product information on amazon.com is a bit misleading because the listing I found said this product has a HEPA filter, then at the bottom said HEPA-type. The Kaz/Honeywell website said it is a HEPA type filter, which means it's not the real thing. I don't know how well this filter works, because I haven't seen studies done on the filter by unbiased companies.

I do really like that the filter is a permanent filter, which can be cleaned. If you need a cheap air purifier, but end up with one which has filters that need replacing, that will add a lot of money to the total annual expense of ownership.

Reviews have mentioned that this compact air purifier is very noisy on high, but manageable on medium. Since it may be near you during the day or night, you don't want a really loud purifier. Try it out on medium to see if that's enough air purification. It will work better, the closer it is to you.

This Honeywell tabletop air purifier can be placed either on it's side or on the bottom to help it fit in tight spaces. Also, there is an indicator light to let you know when the filter needs changing.

I'd say this is a toss up as to whether I recommend this unit or not. That it's a permanent filter is a big plus, but that it's a HEPA-type filter is a definite drawback. If it had a carbon filter, like some Honeywell tabletop air purifiers, I'd give it a higher rating, but overall, I'd say it's only average for the money. The 50250 is way better at being an air purifier and, I think, worth the extra money.

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