Honeywell HCM-300T QuietCare 3-Gallon UV Tower Humidifier

by Jackie
(Albert Lea, MN)

I had this humidifier for only a few weeks because it was so noisy! It seemed great since it had a UV purifier on the filter and was a QuiteCare brand. Thought it would be quiet, but even on low it was too noisy for me in the bedroom.

There was also a bright light from the tank that lit up the room too much for sleeping. It might work for you if you want something in a living room type space. The fan definitely propelled the humidity around the room, but there are quieter fans on some humidifiers I have seen.

Also, I heard the UV bulb was expensive to replace and I didn't really want to replace a bulb that cost as much as the humidifier.

I haven't settled on a new one yet, but from my research and what I've read on this site, I will be checking out the Air O Swiss with cool and warm mist. I like the warm mist option for winter in the bedroom. Anyone used this one? Does the anti bacterial really work? Any thoughts would be great.

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