Home Furnace Humidifiers

The best home furnace humidifiers will help your whole house be more comfortable and healthy. Find expert reviews here.

There are two main types of home furnace humidifiers: flow-through systems – in which the waterflows through the humidifier and ultimately drains out – and reservoir home furnace humidifiers – inwhich the humidifier employs a reservoir of water and a rotating drum to introduce additional moistureinto the air.

Both of these types of humidifier, and most other furnace humidifier systems, are attacheddirectly to the furnace in the home in order to provide warmer humidity. These humidifiers use theheat from the furnace to raise the temperature of the moisture being added by the humidifier.

Onetop-rated home furnace humidifier option is the Aprilaire Model 400 Automatic Whole House DrainlessBypass Humidifier with Digital Control. This humidifier installs directly into the ductwork of your home’sfurnace, and comes equipped with both an outdoor sensor and an indoor digital humidity control. Thishumidifier uses these sensors to automatically alter the humidity level in your house. This model sellsfor about $200, not including installation.

GeneralAire is another manufacturer of quality home furnacehumidifiers. The GeneralAire Legacy Humidifier is a top-rated home furnace model for whole househumidifying. This humidifier provides proper humidity levels for an entire home up to 2,800 square feetin area, installs directly into your home’s HVAC system, and has a reputation for being exceptionallyquiet.

GeneralAire products can only be installed by authorized contractors. For a list of wholesale andretail suppliers and contractors near you, see the GeneralAire website.

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