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Home Air Purifier Allergy

Home Air Purifier allergy units are a great help for reducing allergens. Read about the best rated allergy filters and purifiers with reviews.

There are many air purifiers that claim to help reduce allergies, but only a few are top rated and do a great job. Many pollens and allergens are very small, below .3 microns. To remove them, an air purifier will need a filter that removes particles below .3 microns. 

Many HEPA filters do a great job removing allergens up to .3 microns, but not as well below this size. Look for a HEPA filter that is rated to effectively remove particles down to .1 microns. This filter will then trap those teeny tiny pollens and will help you breathe so much better. 

Most top rated air purifiers will help greatly with your allergies. You do get what you pay for with the best home allergy air purifiers, so be prepared to spend at least $300 for a quality purifier. 

It might seem expensive, but it will be worth the money to breathe better all day and all night. You will sleep better too! When you are able to breathe better and sleep better, you will have more energy during the day, naturally. This is priceless.

Make sure to see what size room the purifier will clean. Many only do a good job on a small room. If you want the air purified in a larger space, check out the Austin Air Purifiers. These do the best job on the most sq. ft.- up to 1500 sq. ft. 

It is important to have the air purifier clean the air for a few hours before you return home if you are gone at work during the day. Even though your home is closed, pollens still get in and will affect your sinuses when you return. Many air purifiers have timers you can set to turn on so the air is clean when you return. It is fine to run the air purifier day and night to keep your room and home allergy free. This will cause the filter to get dirty faster, but a dirty filter means a clean home!

If you don't want to run the allergy air purifier all day and night, a cheap option is to buy an appliance timer to set when you want the purifier to turn on and off during the day. 

For a list of the best air purifiers for allergies on the market, check out the Best Air Purifiers page. You will find the pros and cons of the best home air purifiers, all great for allergy reduction and for all around healthy home air.

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