Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HM5305TG-U1

Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HM5305TG-U1 gets less than average reviews from consumers. Read the consumer and expert reviews, along with a comparable warm mist humidifier to see if it's the one for you.

Product Information

  • Operates up to 40 hours per filling
  • Filter free operation
  • Manual humidistat control
  • Mist variable output control
  • Translucent tank for refill indication
  • Weight 5.6 pounds

Consumer Reviews

Users give this unit an average of 2 ½ stars. That is on the low side of a humidifier. Those that liked it say it worked great at humidifying a room. They liked the warm mist output during the cold months. They liked the large tank, so there weren’t as many refills needed.

On the negative side, some users said the plastic, near the steam outlet, warped within a short amount of time, which made it unusable. Others said it stopped working within a short amount of time. It was noted that the operating time on one tank was only 8 or so hours when used on high speed. FYI, it will only humidify a smallish room on low, if you are hoping for over 24 hours between refills and using it on low.

Expert Review

Overall, it seems this unit could have a few more features for this price point. I don’t like to recommend any unit that gets below an average of 3 stars by users. Since this only gets 2 ½, I think you can find a better warm mist unit for a similar price. For a really good deal, check out the Duracraft Warm mist humidifier at $20. It gets good ratings from users.

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