Holmes Console Humidifier Cool Mist HM 3501

The Holmes Console Humidifier Cool Mist HM 3501 offers evaporative humidification technology. It has some nice features worth checking out. Is it the best one for you? Read full product information and a summary of consumer reviews here.


  • Built in Humidistat
  • Dimensions- 14.3w x 21.9d x 19.6h; Weight- 18.1 pounds
  • Runs up to 24 hours per tank fill
  • Tank capacity is 9 gallons
  • Filter comes with odor reducing technology
  • Refill light indicator
  • 3 speed manual humidity control
  • Filter check indicator
  • Evaporative humidifier technology with filters
  • Humidifies up to 1700 sq ft.

Consumer Reviews.Users give this unit an average of 3 ½ stars. On the positive side, they say it works great at humidifying a very large space. It holds, a quote “ton” of water, so refilling doesn’t need to happen all the time. They like that for the cost, this humidifies a very large amount of space. The wheels are helpful for transporting the unit.

On the negative side, some users have had problems with filling the tanks as they are large. The tank handles are reportedly a bit awkward. Some have to change the filters every week or two. Also, the unit can be really loud when on high.

To extend the life of the filters, you can soak them in a vinegar/water solution every week. This will help disinfect them. Also, if you don’t use the machine 24/7, then it’s helpful to empty it, to let it dry, every once in a while.

A similar product is the Vornado Evaporative Humidifier unit, which has a bit more features for the same cost.

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