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Holmes Air Purifier HEPA

The Holmes air purifier HEPA line is their best. The expert reviews on the HEPA type air cleaners by Holmes are not as good. Read the full review here.

filter. Holmes offers a budget line of air purifiers. While their line of HEPA-type air purifiers is cheaper, the only ones worth buying are the true HEPA air purifiers. 

They have a few options in the true-HEPA line of purifiers. They are all variations of the Holmes True HEPA allergen remover purifiers.

There is the Holmes HEPA mini tower purifier, which is the smallest and only rated for an 9x9 ft. room. It is not very powerful and I do not recommend this small purifier, even for a small room as it is just too under-powered to do a good job.

Their largest Holmes HEPA air purifier is rated for rooms up to 418 sq. ft. A nice feature is the filter change indicator. This will help alert you to change the filter when needed. Since it does have a HEPA filter and the filter only costs under $25 to replace, it is a decent budget buy.

If you have severe health issues, even if you are on a budget, there are better ones that will help. Try the Honeywell 50250 purifier for a powerful budget option.

Why don't I recommend the Holmes HEPA-type air purifiers? If it is not a HEPA air purifier, it will allow the small air particles to pass through and recirculate into the room. These small particles are the germs, virusus, bacteria, pollen, and allergy/asthma causing particles. The larger particles that the filter does capture will mainly just help reduce dust.

If you want an air purifier just for reducing the dust in your house and don't need it for health reasons, a HEPA-type would be fine. But really, I'd say spend just a little more and get one that will provide healthier home air too! Who couldn't be just a little healthier?

As expected, the Holmes air purifier HEPA line is acceptable since it is so inexpensive, but not very noteworthy in the world of air purifiers. It will do a fair job, but don't expect miracles.