Help deciding: Sharp Plasmacluster KC-860U or BlueAir 203

by Evan
(New Jersey, USA)


I'm contemplating purchasing either the Sharp Plasmacluster KC-860U or the BlueAir 203, but with my knowledge I'm not too sure sure (aside from the humidifying function of the Sharp), which one performs better on paper and in actuality. From what I've learned reading on your site, in deciding between the two, I would lean toward the one with the best true HEPA quality air purification, with less maintenance and upkeep cost, making the least amount of noise. I would like a humidifying unit, however I can always get a separate unit for that function if the BlueAir is that much superior of a purifier. Any help on a comparison for a decision would be appreciated. Or if something else altogether is recommended, I would appreciate that as well.


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Dec 17, 2011
plasmacluster or blueair purifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Wow, tough choice. I'd say you cannot really go wrong with either one of these. Both such good air purifiers. I only have personal experience with the BlueAir 203 and know it helped reduce construction dust and the stink of fumes from a bedroom in a home under remodel. The bedroom air smelled clean and the air was dust free while just outside the door was paint fumes and wood dust.

The plasmacluster gets great ratings and has similar features to the BlueAir. The filters in the plasmacluster are washable, so that does give it a few more points in my book. I do not like having to remember to buy new filters and spend the money for that. It is great to be able to just wash and keep using! Really, you'll be happy with either I believe!!

To your health,

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