Goldstar Dehumidifier Mod DH-305

by Ernesto
(The Poconos, PA)

The bucket does not fill up and DH stops running.

It works OK initially when the bucket is put in place. It will run for a few minutes and then will not run again. The humidity control switch used to run at the mid setting of 5, I have put it all the way to max, but it's no help. What can I do to troubleshoot this problem?
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Jul 19, 2012
dehumidifier problems
by: Lisa- site expert

I wish I could help you. It sounds like your dehumidifier thinks the tank is full when it is not. So, it could be an issue with the water level indicator. If you can find that and see if it's stuck, that would be my first thought.

Other than that, it's so hard to troubleshoot without seeing the unit. You could also check the dehumidification coils to see if they are corroded and clean them off if needed.

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