Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0

Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier. Cleaning capacity 144 sq ft. Swedish engineered six stage air purifier. 5 filters and an ionizer. HEPA filter. Washable pre-filter. Replaceable charcoal filter for odor and smell removal. PCO- Photo-Catalytic Oxidation filter with titanium dioxide coating. This filter is activated by the UV light tube to neutralize gases, chemicals, odors and decompose airborne bacteria, viruses and mold and it’s washable. Filter change indicator. 1-8 hour timer.

There is an ionizer which can be turned on or off. This emits negative ions which helps with the cleaning process and negative ions have been found in studies to create a feeling of well being. This ionizer does not produce ozone according to tests done by the Allergy Buyers Club. Ozone free ionizers are a great bonus in my opinion. I know the negative ions from the ocean make me feel great. Not sure if this produces enough to make a big difference, but it’s a nice feature.

Expert review: Overall the Hygia 6.0 is a powerful little machine. It really has all the features you could want with the six stage process, sleek design, ionizer and UV germ elimination. It only purifies a small space. It would only work in a medium size bedroom or office with the door shut.

The big downside is there is reportedly no replacement for the UV bulb. This means if it were to burn out, which it will, the UV sanitation will not be working. Everything else will work, but you won’t have the germ elimination on the filter. Many purifiers don’t have the UV, so with all the other good features, if the UV doesn’t work eventually, it is still a good machine if you only need a small area purified from gases, smells and air particles. Do check out the filter replacement costs, as these add up with 3 filters to replace. Currently the replacement filter kit is $80.

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