Germ Guardian H2000 Manual Ultrasonic Humidifier

Is Germ Guardian H2000 Manual Ultrasonic Humidifier worth the extra money? Read the features and reviews below to decide if it’s the best for you and your family.

Germ Guardian H2000 Manual Ultrasonic Humidifier

List price: $149.99.

  • The H2000 offers cool or warm ultrasonic mist.
  • Humidifies up to 400 sq ft.
  • Manual humidistat for controlling the level of humidity it puts into the room.
  • Tank capacity is 1.4 gallons.
  • Humidifies up to 72 hours.
  • Option of warm or cool mist humidity.
  • “Silver clean” technology helps fight the growth of mold and bacteria in the tank.
  • Weight 8.8 lbs.
  • Low water indicator, and auto shut off when empty.

Consumer ReviewsThe Germ Guardian H2000 Manual Ultrasonic has an average of 3 ½ stars from consumer reviews. Users said this unit works great at humidifying a room silently. It has helped their babies and children during cold and a few feel this has helped prevent colds. Many people say the silver technology does prevent mold growth, and they love the low maintenance. Some do say they noticed mold growth on their unit. It is important to rinse the tank every week or two with vinegar and water if it’s constantly in use. This tank has a wide opening so you can get in there with a rag to clean it out, which is great. Many other brands have a small opening on the tank, so you can’t get in there to clean. If it’s not in constant use, empty the tank and refill with fresh water when using again. This will help keep it germ free.

Expert review: Overall I like the design, the humidistat (though manual humidistats can get a little off), the ease of cleaning, the silent operation. It is a good feature to offer both warm and cool humidification on the same unit. The silver technology is nice for mold, bacteria reduction.

Is it worth more than the cheaper units? If you want the warm and cool mist options so you don’t have to buy two units. If you know you won’t be keeping up on regular weekly cleaning, the germ preventing lining is good. The humidistat is great if used in a bedroom to keep the humidity level from getting too high- over 50% - and breeding mold in the room.

If you don’t need or want those features, I would go with a cheaper cool mist OR warm mist unit. For babies, Crane offers a good budget unit. The Duracraft Honeywell warm mist unit is very cheap and is rated well.

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