Germ Guardian H1000 Table Top Humidifier

Germ Guardian H1000 Table Top Humidifier offers a compact and cute design. The humidity output is questionable. See expert information and reviews below to decide if this unit is right for you.

Germ guardian H1000 TableTop Humidifier

  • List price: $69.99
  • Cool mist ultrasonic humidifier
  • Tank capacity .23 gallon
  • Runs up to 8 hours on a filling
  • weight: 3 lbs.
  • height: 8 inches
  • Nano Silver technology used on the tank to prevent bacteria and mold growth from the water
  • Low water indicator and auto shut off if empty
  • 360 degree mist output director, so you can point the mist in any direction
  • one mist output setting

Consumer Reviews. Users give this little unit an average of 3 ½ stars. The benefits they like are the very small size, quiet operation, easy refill and clean, and cute design. They like the anti-bacterial properties of the tank.

Some users say it’s great for their office or bedroom and humidifies nicely. Others say it’s so small it doesn’t change the humidity level in a bedroom with the door closed. Another two drawbacks are the bright blue light, and only having one output setting. Finally, some stated it stopped working within a few weeks or months. This can happen with any electrical product, so save your receipt.

Expert Review. I like the nano silver technology that inhibits germs. Most humidifiers at this price point don’t have that feature built in. I also like the auto shut off when empty and low water indicator. I couldn’t find the sq ft it’s stated to humidify, even on the user manual. The users who actually tested the room humidity before using it and after, said it didn’t change much.

The small, compact design is nice. But unless it's right next to you, it seems it might not humidify enough. The blue light would be very annoying if it were on your nightstand, close enough to feel the humidity.

At list price, I don’t recommend it, but I was able to find it about 30% cheaper, which makes it a decent price for what it offers. Also, it requires the use of distilled water so it doesn’t produce white mineral dust. I like units which come with a demineralization cartridge so you can use tap water and not have the lung irritating white dust.

Overall, in my opinion, this unit is best for your desk at the office or near a baby’s crib, because of the light. If you don’t mind using distilled water to prevent white dust, this is a decent little unit.

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