Desktop vs Floor Air Purifier

by Maricela Ramirez
(Las Vegas, NV)

I'm in an open area, but I'm at my desk all day. What would work best directly on my desk or a big one on the floor that is a few feet away from me? I mainly suffer from congestion.

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Dec 08, 2012
best air purifier for office
by: Lisa- site expert

Great question on which air purifier is best for your office, a desktop or floor unit. It's tricky to purify the air in an office since the air is open and gets recirculated so often.

Because of this, I would recommend a small one to sit on your desk if you won't mind the wind blowing around. I think it could be annoying to have the fan blowing so close to your face (I'm sensitive to this but not everyone is), but if you don't mind the blowing air, the desktop air purifier will be best since it will clean the air that is in your direct vicinity.

I do think that a floor air purifier would work if you don't want the fan right "in your face" :)
It'll at least do some benefit.

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