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Dehumidifier Questions, Problems and Answers

If you have dehumidifier questions and want answers, check here for our guide to common dehumidifier problems. There are a few common dehumidifier problems that can happen when running these machines.

What does a dehumidifier do for my home? It reduces moisture in an area by taking damp air on side and blowing it over ice cold tubing. This causes the humidity to collect on the tubing and drip into the reservoir or bucket. The newly dried air is forced out the other side so when it circulates, the air has less humidity. This happens over and over to bring the humidity down to a healthy level.

Why is my Dehumidifier icing up? Dehumidifiers shouldn't be operated in temperatures below 50 degrees because instead of the water dripping off the tubing, it just collects on there and ices up the tubing. So if it might freeze, it's best to shut it off or add a heater to that area. Also, you can use a low temperature dehumidifier, which will operate generally down to the low forties.

My dehumidifier doesn't dehumidify enough, why? There could be a number of factors contributing to this. One could be that the unit isn't rated for the size space you need dehumidified. Do you have extra tall ceilings? If you do, you will need a larger dehumidifier. Also, if you live near the coast, you will need up to 50% larger capacity because of the dampness. Also, you will only get the humidity down to 40%, not much lower.

The best dehumidifier will be within your budget and have all the features you want. There are tons of options, so read through the info on this site to get a good understanding of what you want in a dehumidifier, to get the best for you and your home.

If you have more dehumidifier questions, I can answer them directly. Just click on the "Questions, Ask Here" link at the top of the nav bar to the left.