Dehumidifier or air purifier

We have a home on a lake in Ohio and it is built on a hill. The bedrooms are in the lower level. It's about 1000 sq. feet down and we are currently using 2 dehumidifiers. We are still getting a "musty" smell in the older section of the lower level and are not sure how much moisture we have in the air. Should we be looking at a larger dehumidifier or an air purifier? Also, are you familiar with the Edenpure air purifier and how does it rate?

I appreciate any insight you can shed... C. Wagner

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Jul 30, 2011
by: Carol

Thank you so much for your response. It gave us some great ideas to evaluate the need for a dehumidifier/air purifier. My husband and I really appreciate your sound advice and will pursue the evaluation of our needs. C. Wagner

Jul 30, 2011
choosing a dehumidifier or air purifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Carol!
Dehumidifier or air purifier for your bedrooms- good question. I'll give a few ideas.

Yeah, no one wants that musty smell. I just noticed it in a vacation rental in a lower level room. I couldn't figure out where it came from, so I know it can be tricky to find the answer. If there is a bathroom attached to the bedroom, see if you can tell if that is the culprit. Sometimes older bathrooms have internal leaks that create mold in the walls. Also, my parents had a lower level bedroom and there was a lot of mold around the window (inside the wall) because it wasn't properly sealed/insulated.

Basically that smell comes from mold. It is a smell we don't like because it's telling us there is a problem (i.e. the mold).

I know that Ohio can be really humid in the summer, so also get a humidity monitor- digital is best, to see how much the dehumidifiers are helping and to make sure the humidity is never over 45% (over 50%-55% is when mold grows). If the humidity is not over that level when you check after a rainy day three times 1.morning, 2.noon and 3.night, then the smell is coming from somewhere other than too much humidity in the air. If it is over 45%, then a more powerful dehumidifier is needed.

Obviously an air purifier (with a charcoal filter is best for removing smells) would help clear the air, but you really want to find what the culprit is and why mold is growing. If it's nothing obvious and you've checked what you can, then, yes I would recommend an air purifier to at least make it smell better and remove air borne mold spores. A fresh smelling house helps it feel uplifted and more enjoyable, so best wishes on finding a solution! I do not know much about the Eden Pure air purifier- sorry I can't help more with that!

To your health,

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