dehumidifier no water

by Lisa
(carrol county N.H)

I just purchased a dehumidifier the first day it collected a full bucket. it has run 3 more days now without a drop of water collected, and it is still humid the humidity is 70 on read out. i set the level to 30 and still no more water, is this thing broken?

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Jun 15, 2010
Dehumidifier no water problem
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Lisa,
Yes, there is definitely a problem with your dehumidifier not collecting any water in the reservoir. The easiest thing to do is to check the float. This is a little device that indicates how full the tank is of water. Since it did get full the first time, it could be this is stuck and makes the dehumidifier think the tank is full so it's not pulling any more moisture out of the air. Once you find it, push it all the way down.

If that is not the problem, then try shutting of the dehumidifier for a few hours, then turning it on again. This will allow it to sort of reset itself. If you are running it in an area that gets below 60 degrees at night, it could be icing up, so turning it off will help it thaw. I doubt that's an issue right now though.

Also, is the fan blowing? If the fan isn't circulating air for some reason, the humidity can't be pulled out of the air. Check to see if it's stuck and can be unstuck.

Other than those ideas, I would say it's broken and should be returned. That's always a pain, so hopefully one of the above will fix it. Check out the recommended brands of dehumidifiers on this site. Many cheaper ones will have these problems and just be annoying to deal with over time. Good luck finding a solution to start dehumidifying your home again and breathing healthy air!


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