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Danby Dehumidifier

Danby dehumidifier reviews by expert, unbiased source. Danby dehumidifiers have mixed reviews by consumers, read here for the best. Danby is rated well among other dehumidifier companies including Kenmore, AprilAire, Frigidaire and LG.

Danby has a wide range of dehumidifiers, including energy star efficient, portable, and pints 25-70. Danby has a strong presence in the US and Canada markets.

Which Danby is rated best among the models? There are a few, and the right one for your home or basement depends on what size is needed to do the best job dehumidifying.

It is important to get one that will bring the humidity down below 50% to control mold and germ growth. It is also important not to get one that is too large, because that will use more energy than is needed and cost more in the operation.

The best rated one I found was the Danby 70 pint dehumidifier. It has very good overall reviews. It is rated to work up to 3800 sq ft, so while it is expensive, it will dehumidify a whole home if needed.

The 50 and 65 pint low temperature Danby units also received some of the best reviews. Low temperature dehumidifiers are important when the air temp might dip below 50 degrees and cause the dehumidifier to ice up. The low temp units will allow it to operate at lower temps and not freeze up.

I would caution against the Danby air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier 3 in 1. That got some bad reviews and doesn't seem worth the money. For an air purifier to do a great job, it generally needs to be a stand alone unit.

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