Crane Adorable Penguin

by Mariposa

I just love my Crane adorable penguin. It's quiet and holds more water than you'd think. Yes, I am an adult and I admit, I use the Crane Humidifier. I read how these can produce white dust and noticed there was some on my furniture, so I started using the demineralization tabs and that helps I think.

I am so glad Crane makes such cute humidifiers. I like having a little fun with my home appliances, so this is great. I just wish they made a butterfly humidifier. Maybe even sparkle-y- ooooh, my inner child would start dancing.

Not sure if Crane will find this, so maybe I will contact them directly. Ha! I bet it will be their most popular one yet. The pretty, sparkle butterfly Crane humidifier- there I trademarked it.

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