Crane Adorable Humidifier

The Crane adorable humidifier cool mist line offers fun, cute designs. Are they perfect for your baby or child? Read all the product info, expert and parent reviews below to decide for yourself.

Crane adorable humidifier offers a wide array of models. The frog, elephant, cow, penguin, panda, pig, and dragon. As well as licensed designs Hello Kitty, Thomas the Train, and SpongeBob Squarepants. These are fun for all age kids, ok even the big adult kids!

They are cute, but do they do a good job humidifying a room? Parents give these humidifiers great reviews. They are virtually silent when on and will run overnight on one filling, depending on how high it’s set.

Crane Adorable Humidifier Cool Mist Product Information.

  • Cool mist ultrasonic humidifier technology

  • Tank is 1 gallon, with max output of 2.1 gallons per day

  • Up to 11 hours of moisture per filling

  • Automatic shut off when empty for safety

  • Provides natural relief for cold symptoms, dry skin, chapped lips

Parent, Consumer Reviews.

There are a tons of reviews for these units on Amazon. Currently, about 600. Overall, Crane adorable humidifier models receive 4 stars out of 5, which is higher than many humidifiers. Problems are that the unit just stops working after a few weeks, or months- keep your receipt as this can happen to almost any electrical product. There are a few parents who have had problems they consider safety or fire hazards, such as parts falling off, motor overheating and smelling, cracking and leaking. Under a fifth of the comments were problems such as these.

The big majority of parents/users gave this unit 5 stars. They say it has worked great without problems. Kids and parents both love the cute factor. It humidifies the room just fine and is very quiet. They say it does need cleaning every few days or gunk builds up quickly. This is true with anything you leave water sitting in for days on end. It works much better to empty the unit after you turn it off, then fill it with clean water before starting it up again. This should reduce the amount of cleaning needed.

Expert Review. It is hard for any humidifier at this price point to get so many good reviews. This is a fairly cheap humidifier and isn’t built very sturdy. Based on the large number of positive reviews, I am impressed that it holds up so well. I would expect more of the problem reviews for this price point, and since those are only a small percentage, overall I recommend this unit.

Like any electrical products, don’t let children within reach of it, because any if any of the safety problems happen to your unit, children could get hurt. Since they are so darn cute, children might be more inclined to try to play with them. So, their cute factor could be a problem because of this. Also, make sure to get the demineralization cartridge so you don’t have white dust in the air that can irritate lungs.

The Crane adorable humidifier is perfect for you if you want a humidifier to operate almost silently, to have variable mist output, to have auto shut off when empty, to be a really cute addition to any room, and to be on the cheaper end.

Don't buy this unit if you want a humidistat to shut the unit off when it’s reached optimal humidity, a timer, built in anti-bacterial protection, the ability to operate more than 11 hours per filling, or the option for warm or cool mist on the same unit. You will have to spend more money, but there are brands with some great features, such as Air O Swiss. If you plan to use it for a few years, the extra money will be worth it if you want more convenient features.

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