Crane Adorable 1 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier Frog

by Tracie B.
(Canyon City, CO)

Crane gallon Humidifier Frog

Crane gallon Humidifier Frog

I got the Crane Cool Mist humidifier for my baby girl's room. Our house is dry in the winter and I read humidifiers help babies sleep better because they can usually breathe better with proper humidity. I can't tell if it's made a huge difference, but she does seem to be sleeping fairly well and hasn't gotten any major cold yet this season, which is great!

Pros of the Crane humidifier:
It is cute and fits nicely into the "decoration" of the room. It is really quiet, so it's great to have on even while she is sleeping. It humidifies her little room well. The room measures 9x10 ft. I leave it on med/high.
Crane Cons:
I wish it had auto shut off. I am not great at remembering to always fill the humidifier in time and don't like it to run empty. I use distilled water so there isn't white dust all over, and it is a bit expensive to keep buying water to fill it. I might try the demineralization thing. Also, I like the room to be dark while she sleeps, and the light is a little bright.

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