correction about Venta!

by Louis

I sent an email yesterday about a complaint i have with Venta customer service.I had mentioned that i emailed customer service and didn't get any reply. I was wrong! I checked my spam in Google. I did get two replies from Richard B. . I must apologize. The other part about not being able to speak or leave a message with customer service is true. But,I will try them again.I searched BBB and found an A+ rating for Venta!

Thank you, Lou

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Dec 30, 2013
by: Lisa - site expert

Thanks so much for the update! Happy to hear that they were responsive. I appreciate you writing back on this!

Dec 27, 2013
Venta Humidifiers.
by: Lou

Latest and final update on Venta customer service.
It turns out that Venta had problems last week with their phone system and that was the reason i couldn't leave a message. I sent Richard B. an email with my phone number. Within 5 minutes of
sending my number to him ,customer service called me. I placed my order for the LW45. I am very satisfied with dealing with Venta. I must say i recommended them 100% for sure.If you looking to buy a Venta product call them direct.
Happy New Year! Lou

Dec 26, 2013
by: Lisa - site expert

Thanks for letting us know that Venta did actually write you back via email. I'm happy to hear they are reaching out. Not sure why they aren't returning phone calls. Maybe they've shut down their phone center? At least they can be reached via email.

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