cool air vs warm air humidifier for baby nursery

by Doug
(Gallatin, Tn, USA)

for a baby/child's room and humidifying in the winter:

can warm air create the possibility for an unhealthy climate in the room compared to cool air? I think maybe both are not an issue but would you comment on one as compared to the other, relative to health?
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Nov 18, 2010
best humidifier for baby nursery
by: Lisa- site expert

I think I understand your thought process, maybe a warm air humidifier will lead to bacteria growing in that warm air that is dispensed from the humidifier. Well, this can be true where it is too humid and warm, so if the air is warm and the humidity is over 55%, then bacteria and germs could multiply like crazy.
Luckily for the baby's nursery, during the winter (because of the dry forced air heat) it is not likely it will get that humid. It is worth buying a digital humidistat to determine how humid it is in the nursery, especially if the room is small and the door is closed, it actually could get over 55%. Try to keep the humidity around 35-45% for the baby's nursery. This will likely help him/her sleep better because of breathing better than when it's too dry.
So, which is best humidifier for the baby's nursery, a warm or cool mist? If the baby cannot crawl or possibly tip over the humidifier, I'd say warm mist (don't want them to get hurt by the hot water). This is what I use in the winter. I like it because the warm mist is created by the water boiling and steam is released, so I know all the germs are killed in the process and anything that might have been growing in the tank will be sanitized.
Cool mist humidifiers are fine too for the baby's nursery, they just need to be cleaned more often and shouldn't be too near the baby because they probably won't like the cool, drafty air.
Either way, the most important thing is to make sure the humidity is at the proper level and your baby should be healthy (and hopefully happy).

To your health,

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