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A console humidifier is a great way to humidify a large room or part of your home. They have large water tanks for less refilling. Read about the best recommended here.

A console humidifier will often use evaporative technology to humidify. These have wicks, or filters, that draw up the water to a fan. The fan helps evaporate the water into the air.

Evaporative is somewhat self regulating because as the air becomes more humid, less moisture will evaporate. It is still helpful to have a unit with a humidistat. You can set this to regulate how much humidity you want. It is recommended to stay between 30-45%.

Digital humidistats are best because they are most accurate. Manual humidistats work ok, but it is hard to know exactly what level of humidity is reached when they shut off.

Listed below are the best. This is based on cost, features, sq ft humidified and customer satisfaction.

Console Humidifier - Top Three Best

Vornado Evaporative Humidifier is my top console choice. I am biased because this is the one I own. I think it works great. My house will go from lip cracking dry to comfortable in just one day use.

It does a good job humidifying over 1000 sq ft. It is a great price and the filters are easy to find. The tanks are easy to fill. The fan has patented technology to really move air and humidity through your house.

Product Information

  • Humidifies up to 1000 Sq. Ft.

  • Quiet operation
  • Electronic Humidistat Control
  • Up to 3 gallon per day output of moisture
  • Push button control panel with LED indicator lights for humidity control and 3 speed fan
  • Sleek design
  • Suggested List price- $99.99

Read the full Vornado review here.

Bemis 7V 696-400 Whole House Variable Speed is my second choice humidifier. This is a whole house credenza style console humidifier, with a light oak exterior color, and plastic housing for lighter weight.

It offers an optional AirCare air cleaning filter which can be turned on or off, while the humidifier is operating. It gets good customer reviews and humidifies a very large space.

Product Information

  • Humidifies up to 2500 sq ft.
  • Automatic Humidistat for humidity control
  • Up to 12 gallons of humidity output per day
  • Variable speed humidity control with a night time setting for quiet operation
  • Refill light for water level
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • 5.2 gallon combined water tanks capacity
  • Size- 29 5/8 x 14 7/8 x 25 3/8
  • Weight 29 pounds
  • Suggested list price $198

Read the full Bemis review here.

Vornado Ultrasonic Console Humidifier is pick number three. It is not as popular as the evaporative model, likely because of the higher price, but it does humidify up to 1200 sq ft. Since it is an ultrasonic unit, it does not require any filters. It is the best ultrasonic unit I found to humidify a large space.

Product Information

  • Humidifies up to 1250 sq ft.

  • Output of up to 3.5 gallons per day

  • 2 gallon tank

  • Digital LCD screen with humidistat

  • Vortex Assisted Ultrasonic Humidification

  • Option of cool or warm mist
  • Suggested list price $199.99

Read the full Ultrasonic review here.

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