Blueair Filter Cleaner Reviews Electrostatic Process

Blueair filter cleaner reviews for their electrostatic ozone free air purifier technology. Read the information here.

Electrostatic purification charges the particles in the air making them magnetically attracted to the filter. This allows for greater movement of air through the unit because it has less dense, but more effective filters.

Blueair air purifiers are able to have one of the highest CADR ratings in the industry. Between 400-450, because of the technology. Three sizes of filters trap large, medium, and then tiny particles.

Peak filtration can continue for much longer amounts of time because the filters don’t get clogged nearly as quickly. This allows the Blueair filter cleaner to trap 600% more particles than a typical purifier, according to

Consumer reviews of Blueair air purifiers are generally very positive. Users say they definitely notice cleaner air, with less allergy and asthma symptoms. Some love the ionizing feature.

For those who really need the purest, cleanest air for their health, they love these machines and don’t mind the cost. For those who wanted generally cleaner air, but don’t have a need for really pure air, they thought the cost of the filters made it too expensive to maintain.

Is Blueair filter cleaner process the perfect room purifier for you? Yes, if you want virtually pure, clean air quietly. Maybe not, if cost is a big factor and you don’t need the purest air. If you want cleaner air with a budget price, check out Honeywell 50250. It has a permanent HEPA filter and gets many good ratings for air purification. The trade off is that it is noisy, even on low, and really noisy on high. Read the full 50250 Review.

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