BlueAir 402 air purifier is the best for me and my baby!

by Jaime
(Aurora, CO)

I love the BlueAir 402. I bought it when I was having congestion during my pregnancy. I couldn't breathe at night when I was laying down. Nothing was helping. So, we researched air purifiers and found this one was the best for what we wanted. Within hours, I noticed a big difference! I could finally lay down, breathe and sleep, all at the same time.

Then, a few months later we had some work done on our home and the contractor used a horrible smelling glue. It stunk up the house for over a week with a toxic smell. I needed clean air for me and my baby! I had to stay in the bedroom where the BlueAir purifier was, but thank goodness we had it because even as sensitive as my nose was during pregnancy, I couldn't smell any toxic fumes as the purifier cleaned the air so well!

Also, I love that these are Energy Star rated because I plan to run this 24/7 during my pregnancy and for my baby too. So it's great I am not burning a bunch of energy to have clean air.

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