Black Dust On Everything

by Chaz

I use an air purifier and it has black dust on everything close to it including the wall. Is this dirt from the air? How do I keep this from happening in the future?

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Jan 21, 2011
Brand Name
by: Chaz

Its a Hunter HEPAtech. It was not a cheap purifier but it wasn't the most expensive either. It does its job of cleaning the air because I can breathe better. I didn't think about contacting the manufacturer. Thanks

Jan 21, 2011
black dust from air purifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Chaz,
Yikes, that is a bummer. Black dust all over around the air purifier. What brand is it? I am guessing it was a budget priced model? I just have no idea what that would be from, but it certainly doesn't seem good. Seems like maybe the purifier is collecting the dirt then spitting it out somehow. Can you return it. Really air purifiers shouldn't do that.
Call the manufacturer if nothing else and ask, maybe it's a weird glitch from that air purifier model. Do you have a kid that might think it's funny to dump dirt on the purifier and watch it spit it out?? Gosh I just don't know what else. If you do find out what it is for sure, please let me know I am very curious what could be causing that.

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