best humidifier for baby with cold

my 2 year old baby suffers frequent colds I'm looking for humidifier for her. Which one is best?

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Dec 08, 2012
best humidifier for baby with colds
by: Lisa- site expert

There are a few options for the best humidifier for a baby with a cold. Overall, my top choice is an evaporative humidifier. This is one with a filter. This way none of the minerals from the water are released into the air which could bother your baby's lungs. The evaporative or "cool mist" options are great for the healthiest humidity with the least upkeep. There are currently a number of cheap and decent (not the best quality but will work) Sunbeam humidifiers at Wal-Mart if you want one right away. Look for one with a filter.

Another problem for your baby could be dairy intolerance. Babies who often have congestion and colds tend to be allergic to dairy. Once this is taken out of their diet they can breathe easy again. Worth checking out. Could be any number of factors, even other allergies?

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