best dehumidifier Frigidaire

by Sara
(Ames, IA)

I think the best dehumidifier is the Frigidaire FAD504TDD 50-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier. I am really happy with it! I ran it all summer day and night and wow, it really sucked the moisture out of the air. I had another dehumidifier before this frigidaire and it didn't work as well, was more expensive and cost more to run.

Seriously, I wanted to share this because I was so happy with how it dehumidified my house this year. It was quiet enough and energy star rated so my electricity bill wasn't really affected by running it all the time.
I love that it has a timer for on off and an ability to set the humidity level. I think it looks nice too, not too clunky and junky you know.
I don't know how other frigidaire dehumidifiers are rated, but I did notice this one got some good reviews, which is why I bought it and it's lived up to those good reviews for sure. It was the first summer in my house where I wasn't sweaty all the time and living in a pool of water, just normal air. It seemed fresher too. I think it has allergy control of some sort but not sure how that works. Yeah, so, i'd say get it if you are looking for one this size. You could spend more and get more dehumidifier bling, but it does dehumidify nicely.

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