best austin air purifier recommendation

by gee

what would you recommend for best air purifier overall, but more so smoke and fumes situation.? Also what is the difference between HEGA and Hepa? Thanks in advance.

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Mar 18, 2011
best austin air purifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Gee,
Thanks for your question. I am assuming you want to know which Austin Air purifier I'd recommend specifically. For smoke, fumes, gas problems, I'd recommend the HEGA air purifier. You asked what is the difference. The HEGA air purifier has a HEPA filter (this is a specific type of filter and the highest quality available) and the HEGA purifier also has other filters in addition to the HEPA to help clean smoke, fumes, gas and odors out of the air.

So, the additional filters will reduce problems with smoke, odors because it filters the air more than if there was just one or two filters. There is an activated carbon filter to reduce the smoke and odors, which is better than regular carbon filters. The carbon is what eliminates odors because it is highly absorbent to smells. The filters will need to be cleaned regularly (6 months) to be effective and the great thing is that the filters on Austin Air purifiers can go up to five years with regular cleaning before they need replaced which will save a lot of money in buying new ones.

Hope this helped you decide which is best. If cost is a big factor, you could get the Healthmate purifier as it will do a good job of cleaning the air also, just not as good with removing odors.

To your health, Lisa

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