best air purifier without ozones

Seems like I got really confused. Been reading & reading important HEPA's etc. Price range below $400.00 would be best affordable. Don't want ozones because of health concerns. VOC's don't think anyone is as good as the IQ Air but not affordable.

Is Rabbit Air new purifier BioG625 a good choice? Charcoal filter enough?

Trying to find a low noise cleaner good for allergies etc. Rabbit Air seems low noise.

So I would sure appreciate advice.

Thanks Lisa

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Dec 21, 2014
best air purifier without ozone
by: Lisa

Yes, the Rabbit Air line is a very good quality line of air purifiers. So are Honeywell air purifiers for budget prices. Make sure that any air purifier has a HEPA filter, a real HEPA filter- Rabbit Air has these but some Honeywell do not. Also, most good air purifiers won't have ozone as part of the system. Those are the cheaper purifiers- in the less than $200 area.

The activated charcoal filter will mostly to help reduce smells, so if you are smell sensitive that is good. The HEPA filter is for taking out allergens. The one you picked out seems like a great choice for your needs to reduce allergens.

To your health,

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