Best air purifier for COPD and pets

by Karl

I need two air purifiers,one for a 12x12 bedroom and one for a 12x16 livingroom. We have a long hair dog and cat,however we do dust and vaccuum regularly. I need the purifiers to aid in improving air quality since I suffer from COPD. Getting rid of our pets is a "no go". Unfortunately,there is a huge difference in opinions as to effectiveness and so many to choose from. Based on my own research there are some really cheap models that don't interet me and then there are some good Hepa types like Honeywell's Doctors Choice between $200-300 and some supposed hospital quality units for upwards of $1,000 to more than 4,000. Could you offer a suggestion?

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Nov 09, 2014
best air purifier for COPD and pets
by: Lisa

Yes, it is hard to find consistent info on what's the best air purifier for pets and COPD to really clean the air. I'd say for the best budget price and high quality of performance, go with the HealthMate Jr. It is recommended for up to 700 sq ft, plenty of sq ft for a bedroom or living room. It also does a great job with the pet hair. The washable filter saves money on replacements over time.
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