Best Air Purifier for Allergens, Mold, Pollen & SMOKE?

by Lisa
(Millen, GA USA)


We've had to downsize to a smaller home (1,800 sq ft) & I would like your opinion for the best Air Purifier (for the $$)for my family. We didn't seem to have as many health problems in our other house (3,900 sq ft). My boys have allergies (dust, mold, pollen, grass, trees, etc.)& asthma & keep a sinus infection. My husband & I both smoke (& have COPD)& we are well aware of the problems this causes for our whole family. I had probably rather have a purifier with washable filters just because of cost, but am open for suggestions. Do all the Alen brand produce ozone (lung irritant)?
I appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

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Feb 25, 2011
best air purifier for kids
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Lisa,
There are a number of options for your family. I am guessing the kids have more problems because the smaller house allows more of the smoke to remain closer to them. After some thought, my best idea is to buy two Hunter true HEPA air purifiers for their bedrooms. Hunter purifiers are fairly cheap and make sure the one you buy has true HEPA filters. This will help them have clean air at night, when their bedrooms doors are shut.

The Honeywell 50250 air purifier is also good for smaller rooms, though a little more expensive than Hunter, but rated a little better overall.

Also, I recommend an Austin Air purifier for your main living areas because these have washable filters and are high quality HEPA filters. The austin air purifiers clean a large space so one should work for your living/kitchen areas as long as the doors stay open for air flow.

I think the long term benefits of having three air purifiers for the whole house will outweigh the costs initially.

To your health,

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