Essick Console Humidifier Evaporative 2 Speed

Read about the (formally Bemis) Essick Console Humidifier Evaporative with AirCare filter. See consumer and expert reviews to decide if this is the best for you.

Essick Air Humidifiers have many good whole house units to choose from. This one is a console style with Oak Burl color on the exterior.

Console Humidifier Product Information

  • Automatic humidistat maintains optimal humidity level
  • Variable speed humidity control
  • Quiet night time setting
  • Refill indicator light
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • 12 gallons of humidity output per day
  • 5.5 gallon tank capacity
  • Humidifies up to 2100 sq ft per day
  • Replaceable 2 stage AirCare filter with activated carbon to remove some dust, pollen, smoke and odors
  • List price- $150
  • Size- 28x 12 3/4x 22
  • Weight- 28 pounds

Essick Home Console Humidifier Consumer Reviews

On the positive side, users say this Essick humidifier is great for humidifying a house. It helps with dry nose, throat, skin and lips. It keeps a good humidity level for the wood furniture and instruments in the house. They report it is fairly quiet.

They say the air cleaning filter is nice. It slows down the amount of air passing through to be humidified, when on, but it's reported to still humidify nicely. The wheels are helpful for moving the unit. They like the large water tanks as it's good to reduce refills.

On the negative side, some users said this console humidifier seemed a bit flimsy, because it’s built with plastic...maybe because of the wood look, they thought it was made with something else(?)... Also, one user said it was a bit too noisy on high speed, but another user said it was fine on high. It might depend on how close it is to you.

Console Humidifier Expert Review

Overall, it seems like a good Essick home humidifier. The wood look helps it blend nicely into a room’s décor. The tank capacity is nice. They do make units with larger capacity if you need more sq ft humidified.

The air filter doesn't clean the air very much, compared to HEPA air purifiers. It does have activated carbon in the filter, so it could be helpful at reducing odors. This is nice because you obviously have to keep the windows shut for the humidity to stay high, so a little freshening of the air is good.

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