Bacteria free humidifiers- are there any?

by Jesse
(Chicago, IL)

All the humidifiers I have had seem to build up with pink gook, ie germs, unless I clean them all the time. They were evaporative humidifiers. The filters would also get pink stuff. I like the evaporative humidifiers because it seems they distribute the humidity well around the room. Is there some great technology? It says on your site that there are some ultrasonics that can be germ free, but still need upkeep. Any thoughts?

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Feb 11, 2010
Answer to bacteria free humidifier
by: Lisa

Yes, bacteria is always a problem with humidifiers. Cleaning them every 3-7 days is a hassle. From what I have found you have two best options. First, a warm mist humidifier that boils the water is great because it will kill any germs/bacteria before releasing the water as steam.

Second, Air O Swiss has a patented Silver Stick which is proven to eliminate germs. Use one of these each season in the tank and it should greatly improve the length of time you can leave the water in the humidifier tank without needing to clean it as the silver stick will protect the water and tank. You will still need to clean your humidifier, but depending on use, you can determine how often.

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