Baby Natural Cold Relief and Remedies

Read here for baby natural cold relief and remedies. Since cold medicines are not recommended for kids under two, see our natural solutions. There are quite a few great cold remedies. No one in the family is happy when a baby has a cold, especially when it affects night time sleep.

Many colds will go away without much help, on their own. It is the body flushing out, and it can be useful to let it take its course. During colds, babies need extra quiet time and/or sleep. This will be the best remedy to help her recover. If it gets to be too much for her, because she is not sleeping, is not eating enough, or is having trouble breathing, then try the remedies below.

For baby natural cold relief, it is helpful to have enough moisture in the air in her room and your home. We all feel better and breathe better when there is enough moisture in the air.

Optimal humidity is 30-45%. During winter, heating quickly dries the air. It can be really helpful for baby to run a humidifier all winter long.

Either in her room or in the whole house. For info on the best baby humidifiers for the nursery, see this link best baby humidifier. An air purifier in your home or her room will help clear the air of most germs, bacteria or viruses. These can help all year round to keep the air as pure as possible.

You mostly get what you pay for with air purifiers, so the cheaper ones will likely not clean as well. Look for any air purifier with a HEPA filter. Those are the best and are easy to find. See the link on the tab to the left for best air purifiers.

To help clear a stuffy nose, use a bulb syringe. This will suck out some of it. Follow that up with saline drops, just a few in each nose, to help open up the sinuses.

It is important she gets a good amount of fluids. Breast milk will give her natural antibodies to help her recover. If she is on solids, it might be helpful to give her more milk and less solids than usual, just until she recovers.

Homeopathics can be helpful natural baby cold remedies. There are some easy on the system homeopathic remedies for colds. These are so gentle and safe for babies. Check out your health food store for their selection. When babies are teething, they can have runny or stuffy noses. Try the homeopathic teething tablets. These could help her feel better and relieve her sinuses.

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