Austin Air HealthMate Plus and Plus Jr

Austin Air HealthMate Plus and HealthMate Jr are exceptional air purifier units. Perfect for those who need the best odor, gas and chemical removal. Read the reviews and product information to help you decide if this is the best for your home and family.

The HealthMate Plus is the upgraded version of their top selling HealthMate air purifier. The plus and plus junior offer all of the top quality air purification of the HealthMate, and are enhanced with potassium Iodide for greater filtration of volatile organic chemicals.

If you are chemically sensitive, or are in an environment where there are chemical odors, this unit will offer the extra filtration you require.

For full product information, see the Austin HealthMate Page with consumer and expert reviews. The product specs are all the same on the two models, but the Plus has the additional chemical removal capabilities.

The HealthMate Plus purifies up to 1500 sq ft. This is one of the largest amounts of space an air purifier cleans at this price point. It has a powerful 360 degree air intake, which moves air quickly and efficiently, giving the high air cleaning rating.

The Austin Air Jr HealthMate Plus purifies up to 700 sq ft and is smaller and lighter weight. Both units have casters to help with moving the unit. The Junior unit has all of the same air filter capabilities, along with the potassium iodide, just in a smaller size.

The Jr is best for smaller areas such as bedrooms, kid’s rooms, baby nursery and artists studios.

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