Austin Air BedroomMachine for whole house + Alen 350 for the Bedroom?

I have a cat that I'm VERY allergic to, and am also chemically sensitive (MCS). We've eliminated most of the known chemical irritants in our house, but there may be more we aren't aware of, so something that takes care of that issue would be great as well.

I'm considering either 2 Alen 350's to use continuously in our whole house (4,000'), one in the bedroom and one in a place that draws from the main common rooms. I'm partial to the Alen for it's ionization. I LOVE the feeling I have with negative ions around, but may get more benefit from a good negative ion generator (know a good one?) and a better purifier?

I'm also wondering if it would be better to get one Austin Air Bedroom Machine for the whole house (since it looks like you don't replace either filter for 5 years?), and get one ionizing Alen 350 for overnight use in the bedroom?

What do you think of the "Bedroom Machine"? I saw it for the first time today and can't figure out if it cleans the same MCS stuff that the HealthMate and Allergy do, and if all 3 of the filters last 5 years. Do you know? If so, the higher price might be worth it, and I value your opinion on this issue.

Thanks so much for this site, it's been super-helpful in my search.


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Jul 18, 2011
Alen or Austin air purifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Kate,
Good question on the two air purifiers. I would agree with your idea of having the Alen A350 air purifier in your bedroom to enjoy the ionic effect while you sleep, then using the Austin Air Purifier HealthMate Plus (for MCS)for the main area.

The Austin Air Purifier HealthMate Plus is recommended to purify more space than the Alen, so it would be good in the main living area and since the replacement filters are 5 year, it'll be cheaper to own. The bedroom machine is similar to the healthmate, but I'd recommend the HealthMate plus for you.

The ionic feature of the Alen air purifier is great because it is reported not to produce ozone, so it should do a nice job in the bedroom. I do recommend running it more than when sleeping, best would be to leave it on low all the time, or just turn it on around dinner so it'll clean the room nicely before night time.

I also want to recommend Bio Allers homeopathic for pet dander. I was very allergic to dogs about 10 years ago and used this homeopathic (very gentle and natural) for I think 6 weeks or so and stopped having all allergy symptoms. I now have three dogs and no allergies! Homeopathics are great for this.

Best wishes on feeling better in your home!

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