Armstrong Humidifiers

Armstrong specializes in humidification and dehumidification systems for commercial and industrial use, especially as part of a larger HVAC system.

Armstrong humidifier products approach humidification on a systemic, whole-building level. The company provides consultation, design, and installation services to help consumers meet their large-scale environmental humidification needs.

Armstrong humidifiers come in a variety of types. The company specializes in electronic, steam, and gas humidifiers which can be added to a pre-existing system or included as part of a newly designed and installed system.

If your humidification needs are more complex than simply purchasing a humidifier unit, Armstrong can provide the information you need to explore your humidifier system options. In addition to direct consultation services, Armstrong also provides Humid-A-Ware and Steam-A-Ware humidification sizing and selection software to help consumers get started in the planning process.

These are both readily available as free downloads on the company’s website. They can also be mailed to anyone who registers at the Armstrong site but does not wish to download the software online.